Dwelling Lightheartedly In The Futility Of Everything

by Matthew Daher

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released February 13, 2015

Matthew Daher - all instruments, vocals, miscellaneous sonorities except:

Emma Frank - Vocals (2)
Corey Gulkin - Vocals (5)

Simon Millerd - Trumpet (4)
Grace Rodgers - Violin (2)
Natalie Frakes - Violin (2)
Patrick Behnke - Viola (2)
Dave Haughey - Cello (2)

All pieces written, arranged, produced by Matthew Daher

"Hanging Over Hanging On" written by Matthew Daher and Emma Frank

Recorded and Mixed by Matthew Daher in various bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements in Montréal, QC and Detroit, MI
Vocals on "Cyclicity" Recorded by Harry Knazan at Apollo Studios
Additional Mixing by Harry Knazan at Apollo Studios
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering

Album Art by Taylor Schmidt and Matthew Daher
Graphic Design by Taylor Schmidt and Goran Butorac

Huge Thanks to: Chris McCann - for showing me the way to the depths that here have been plunged | My family - Mom, Dad, Nancy, Bob, Margaret, Julia, Katie - your support has been absolutely unconditional | Emma Frank and Corinna Gulkin - I couldn't have had greater trust in any other voices to be the voices of what I've found to be true | Simon Millerd, Grace Rodgers , Natalie Frakes, Patrick Behnke, Dave Haughey - your contributions were instrumental (LOLZ!) seriously, you took this thing to another level | Harry Knazan, Nic Godmaire, Alex LeBlanc, Maude Locat, Beavan Flanagan - for breathing life into the late Ismism material in its infancy | Harry Knazan, Topher Horn, Joseph Donovan, Reuben Ghose, Mattson Ogg, Dimitri Condax - for your sonic wisdom and guidance | Koho, Geri Larkin, Myokyo, the Still Point Sangha and Centre Zen de Montréal - for supporting my practice from which, in many ways, these compositions have sprouted | Michael Malis and Costa Sirdenis - the brothers I never had - your patience is endless, your presence in itself inspirational | Kaitlin Prest - for understanding all the things | Gary Lindner - for your jocularity, hospitality, and perspective in an age of doubt | Taylor Schmidt - for your curiosity, vitality, dedication in realizing these visual concepts | My Montréal musical family - for fostering my explorations in some seriously formative years | Thomas Bell, Christina de Roos, James Cornish, Michael Malis, Rachael Harbert, everyone who I've made weird shit with in Detroit - for welcoming me into a creative community that keeps me on my toes | Lisa Spindler for sharing your space and expertise | The patrons of the Book Cadillac - your gratuities, unbeknownst to you, funded the majority of this project | … Talia - for your faith, love, and support, your inspiration both in presence and absence. You are inside every one of these sounds.


all rights reserved



Matthew Daher Detroit, Michigan

Matthew Daher is a drummer, composer, producer, and improviser based in Detroit, MI. His creative endeavors and practices are driven by gnostic curiosity and are a vehicle for ontological exploration. His performance and composition work covers a wide range of sonic territory that includes ambient, electroacoustic, free jazz, hip-hop, and folk. ... more

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Track Name: Shift (Manifesto)
Placation vacate(18) years after not being here
Knots so taut to reek rot(ought) to seek shelter from
Hell firing circuits obscure trust to feral dust
Wiser words have been spoke(n) - kin of eggs yolk
Inferred from untracea(ble) (bal)loon breasted fables of
Mires purged dubious lingerings in jovial dirge

Damnation placate these spears skewering sayings of seers
Sharper spurs have been broken by motionless gestures
Perplexed in two engines conjectures
If memory serves mutilation for those holding serfs

Undulation patience phages
Silence stains and stones in stages
Slates for dissolution range in
Acclimated gyral plains
Inferred from intuitions razor
Suchness could not yield such favors
Fingers crossed and pupils waver
(Ver)acity for too few trails

Change is so reined in rain so is change is so reined in rain so is…
Track Name: Hanging Over Hanging On feat. Emma Frank
Hanging by a thread
It was always like this
Only now that they've gone
Nothing left but to hide it

Words fall apart when I speak
Not that anyone listens
Thoughts like clouds waiting for
Sunny days or thunder
Standing there on your solid principles
I'll dangle round' til someone cuts me down

All alone watching the water flow
I would drown if I could just let go

By and by I'd hoped
To harden my insides
Then I'd leave you alone
To build yourself a real home
But the sea showed me that I am weak
I'll close my eyes to all that I'm seeing

All alone watching the water flow
I would drown if I could just let go

I would follow
Looking down
At the water
Far away
I could hold on
Give and take
Wash away

Hanging on
I'm only
Hanging on
Moon shining a shimmering light
Stars Above
I'm sleeping in
Rest a while
My reflection shining on all the waves

How does it matter?
Letting my soul fall into the water
Bearing the weight of
Wanting your love all for my own greedy heart
How does it matter?
Lavender sky in the morning after
Into the greater
Bottomlessness already found, 'ready found
How did it happen?
How does the sun rise above the mountain?
How does it matter?
Wanting your love all for my own greedy heart
All of the beauty
Blaze of the light once it's seen through the dark
Coming up through me
All the pieces fall apart, fall apart

Oh my heart
Track Name: Drip Drown
The space between
Exodus and Odyssey set me free
‘Cause my mind’s under siege
Gotta lead all these ‘thus so’s’ and ‘fuck no’s’
Through asymptotic tides and undertows

No parting seas
Odyssey and Exodus a moment of consciousness
And when you really feel the heat
Can you move the ground beneath your feet?
Can you catch the punch-line of an amplified pantomime
With one ear to your chest
One to the junior-high grapevine?
Give it time

Drip drown, drip drown…

An organ harvest for the common sense

An ontological accomplishment

It’s what we feel underneath the last onion peel
Little spoon to the tomb where wounds and boons bicker ‘bout who’s real

Omniscient vision blurred
Acceleration swerving through this learning curve

A monument
To platitudes exchanged in confidence
Track Name: Cyclicity feat. Corey Gulkin
Tethered to time tacet terminal
Intellect’s teething toy that takes its toll

Spinning round the shell that houses thee
Door to what will always never be

Empty steady begets plentiful
Heavy shedding all the joy it stole

(Falcon storm or song?)
Matter-factly from trembling hands
(None yet may be wrong)
From fractured fingers the flowing sands

Pressure on your eyes the colors glow
(In the eye that sees)
Hues of stars – with their structures bestowed
(Not its seeing thus can it be)

Mundanities ever mysterious
(Multitudinous mirrors for that tower’s seed)
Fertile beacons of radical trust

Exhumed rudimentary reverie
Found beneath thee

Disconnected dots all dreaming
Dreadful certainties weaving
Fragments from familiar motion
Refuge in what comes undone

Understated secrets seeping
Out from lapses in between

Pulses’ pregnant poignancy
Extending far beyond the yous and mes

Goallessness oh humblest glory
Blissfull nauseous tumbling

Fickle finitudes dividing
Deathlessness’ ever widening

Windows spinning sky betrays
Becoming’s cunning masquerade

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